March 18, 2016

Hi, How you doing ?

Hi guys,

I need to celebrate, I have nearly finished updating the website !

So just for you... till I say STOP...

$5 NZ Dollars Off All Lenses


Go Hard

Love You Guys

Happy Customers, Happy Life !


Best Wishes

Deborah x

December 01, 2015


A must have this season

Fabulous product

Outstanding prices up to 75% Off

Free Delivery World Wide

November 18, 2015

We are up and flying here at CONTACT LENS HUB

February 04, 2015

First Post so here is a great deal!

So we have a great site with lots of customers which is fantastic. Thank you to all who come in and buy from us.

UV Glow lenses took us by surprise this year and they sold out which was great but a problem for the many who missed out. Stock will be back with us in about 2 weeks and we will email all our customers with the details.

As well as free delivery we are also giving a free eye Tattoo pack (one pair) with every pair of lenses sold. Buy 5 pairs get 5 eye tattoo packs.

Back soon