INSTRUCTIONS does not accept responsibility for the misuse or the incorrect handling of products offered for sale on this site.

If you share or do not clean your contact lenses properly you are at risk of infections. We have taken care to deliver the lenses to you in a sterile, sealed pack.

If the blister packaging is compromised in any way do not use the products and contact us for a returns ticket at

It is your responsibility as the purchaser to handle the lenses with care and not to allow contamination of the products.


Please read the following before making your purchase with us.


Do not use the products if the packaging appears damaged. Lenses should never be shared with other people.

Before opening your lenses make sure you wash your hands with non-scented soap and make sure your hands are rinsed thoroughly.

Make sure your hands are dried with a lint free cloth to limit the potential of contamination.

Use lens tweezers if possible or finger tips to handle lenses. Hold lens up the the light and check that it is undamaged, clean and wet.


Putting a lens in place.

    1. Put a lens onto the tip of your finger . Best to use the hand your most comfortable with such as your writing hand. With the free fingers of the same hand pull down the lower lid. Use you free hand to pull the top lid open.
    2. Try looking into a mirror or of you don’t have one look right into the lens itself and place it onto the cornea (that the colored circle of your eye)
    3. Once sitting in place let the lids go to their natural position. If you feel and odd sensations it could be air trapped between the lens and your eye. Close your eye and roll your eyeball gently up and down and side to side. If this fails try rubbing the closed eye lid gently. Do not rub your open eye directly.

Lens removal

With your middle finger hold down the lower eye lid. Pinch lens between thumb and fore finger pulling away from the eye surface. Do not apply too much pressure to the lens as this may cause damage.

Make sure you buy solution to keep them in and change it every time you wear the lenses. You must clean the lenses of any protein build up and keep them clean.

If you are wearing makeup make sure you take out your lenses before removing it.

If you are using creams applied by hand you must make sure the lenses do not become contaminated.

If you are using a hair spray product make sure your eyes are closed to prevent any contamination.

You should have your eyes checked regularly by an eye professional so you minimalize the risk of eye infections. Follow the wear and replacement guidelines always.

Never sleep in the lenses, swim or use medication in your eyes whilst wearing lenses. If your using lens wetting solution make sure they are approved to be used by the lenses

Never use tap or bottled water to clean lenses or use as a wetting solution. Never use saliva to moisten lenses. Stop using the lenses should you experience any eye discomfort, redness, swelling, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, itching, burning sensations. Don’t smoke. Smoking can cause the risk of a corneal infection (and itsvery bad for you anyway!)

Never sleep in your contacts! Very very bad for your eyes. Sleeping with your contacts in can cut off oxygen to the cornea causing severe inflammation.


Terms and conditions

Please make sure you have read our terms and statement on the use and potential risks of wearing any contact lenses.

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If you choose the free worldwide shipping method we cannot refund for parcels not arriving at the destination. We will refund any parcels not received if the track and trace method has been used.

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