Amazing Violet Screen Lenses

A must have, so versatile 

Excellent coverage 

Also Available In White, Red, Green, Black & Blue  

High water content for very comfortable wearing and high oxygen permeability to keep your eyes fresh longer.

 FDA approved materials, CE, KTR, and KFDA

Raw material : 2-HEMA

*Water content : 42%

*Manufacturing method : Lathe Cutting & Casting method

*Centre thickness : 0.07mm ( in case of -3.00 dioptre)

*Base Curve : 8.60mm   

*Diameter : 14.5mm

*DK value(Oxygen permeability) : 8

*DK/t value ( Oxygen Transmissibility) : 88.8

*Power range : 0.00 Plano

* Lens wearing time : more than 6 months to one year under a good care of storage 

* Shelf life /Expiry date:   5 years after production and before opening the blister.

Made in Korea

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