Feather Lashes Yellow Dot

Handmade Feather Lashes 


Delicate, Beautiful & Light As A Feather To Wear 

No adhesive comes with our lenses 

All Pre Glued But You Will Need To Add Your Own Favourite Adhesive For That Firm Hold 

RRP $29.99 (hard to find)

Our Price $9.99 (free worldwide delivery) 

They are outstanding 

As per the image 

Made In China 

How to Apply:

First clean your eye area with gentle cleaner or oil-free makeup remove. Peel your fake lashes off the package with tweezers and trim the band to fit the width of your eye if necessary.

Next, use the wide end of a flat toothpick and squeeze a small drop of glue onto the tip. Then, take the strip of fake lashes and glide the glue from one end to the other.

Using a pair of tweezers, gently place the fake lashes, starting at the outer corner, to just above your lashline and press down across the length of the strip to secure the lashes. Use a cotton swab, wipe off the excess.




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