Solution 355m Bottle + Lenses + Case NB DHL Express Tracked Delivery Only International

Get The Bundle For Only $49.99 USD 

+ DHL Express International Shipping ($19.99)

Everything You Need, To Have Amazing Coloured Eyes, Reusable For Up To 12 Months Of Wear. When Cared For Correctly.

Quality Lenses + Branded Solution + Life Time Use Case 

Bausch+Lomb Renu Sensitive 355 ml Bottle 

Multi Purpose Lens Solution

Quality Lens Cases 

Gentle yet effective.

Provides effective disinfection for healthy use of your contact lenses. 

Gently rub your contact lenses during cleaning to ensure that potentially irritating particles are rinsed away

renu sensitive multi-purpose solution

Your eyes are sensitive. Your contact solution should be, too.

renu sensitive multi-purpose solution is designed to be as gentle as your natural tears, yet it's scientifically proven to fight germs.

 + Any 14.5mm Pair Of Lenses From Our Range 

( when ordering, please advise me of your lens colour choice in the comments box )

All our lenses are manufactured under strict FDA & ISO Safety Specifications 

All Contactlenshub Lenses, Are Easy To Use & The Most Comfortable On The Market Today.

Contactlenshub Lenses Fit All Eyes & Give Incredible Result On All Eye Colours 

Quality Eyewear Servicing The World Since 2012

FDA approved materials, CE, KTR, and KFDA

I Raw material : 2-HEMA

*Water content : 42%

*Manufacturing method : Lathe Cutting & Casting method

*Centre thickness : 0.07mm ( in case of -3.00 dioptre)

*Base Curve : 8.60mm

*Diameter : 14.50mm

*DK value(Oxygen permeability) : 8

*DK/t value ( Oxygen Transmissibility) : 88.8

*Power range : 0.00 Plano

You Will Recieve :

1 x Pair Of 14.5mm Lenses

1 x Quality Lens Storage Case 

1 x 355ml Bottle Of Solution 

NB This Offer Can Only Be Shipped internationally Using The DHL Express Delivery Option $19.99 Fully Trackable 

Free Delivery Is Not Available With This Offer 


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